The Pop! Wed Co Package

The Pop Wed Co Package is $2500 + 6% sales tax, and it
includes a legal ceremony at location in Washington DC, photography,
and lots of other treats — check out the details below.

A Legal Wedding Ceremony

Steven will marry you with a custom secular ceremony — short and sweet, with any readings, vows, or other things you would like to add. We love any and all unique ceremony ideas! 

An Awesome Portrait Session

I (Maggie!) will photograph your wedding ceremony, and then we’ll explore the neighborhood for about an hour to capture some awesome wedding day portraits of just the two of you!  

Lots o’ Digital Negatives

About a week after your wedding, you’ll receive a link to your online gallery where you can view, share, and download your wedding photos at full resolution. You’re free to print, post, and share away! 

A Keepsake Photo Album

A few weeks after your wedding, an 8×8″ photo book will show up at your door, filled with wedding day photos and amazing memories.

No Paperwork Required

DC requires couples to apply for a license and then wait three full days before marrying. Steven will take care of your application so that when your wedding day comes around, you can get legally married without having to spend hours in line at the courthouse!

Wedding Day Treats!

We’ll also bring your choice of wedding day treats and in some cases even a couple props for a fun sendoff!

I have more questions!

Awesome! We have wayyyy too many answers. Check out our FAQ section, and if you have even more questions, we’re only an email away!

What kind of wedding officiant is Steven?

Steven is a secular Humanist wedding officiant, registered in Washington, DC. You can read more about Humanism on their site here.

Will our photos be used online?

Yes. We blog all of our weddings and we also share wedding photos with various press when applicable. Please talk to us about this BEFORE booking if this is an issue for you. 

Can we bring friends & family?

Sure! You’re welcome to bring a few friends and/or family members. We don’t provide chairs or venue permits with the Pop Wed Package, so guests should be comfortable standing and (in the rare case of having to move locations) walking around.

How is our marriage license and paperwork taken care of?

Steven handles all marriage paperwork, so you don’t have to. You’ll just have to fill out a one page form! 

How long is the whole experience?

The whole Pop Wed Co experience takes just over an hour, and the rest of the day is yours to celebrate however you’d like! We are more than happy to provide suggestions of awesome ways to celebrate in DC!

What if my guests are late?

Pop Weddings take just an hour, so if guests are late it will cut into our portrait session time. If you’re expecting guests and you’re worried about time, we can always take portraits before your ceremony, and ask guests to arrive 15 minutes early so you can make a grand entrance!