When Jamie and Lockie first emailed us and mentioned that they wanted to have a vintage popup wedding filled with Americana and sparkles, I was stumped for about eight seconds — where do you find that kind of stuff in DC? But then I looked at our kitchen light from Miss Pixie‘s and I knew that it was the perfect location for their wedding!

The team at Miss Pixie’s (including Pixie herself!) were so excited to have Jamie and Lockie marry at their store, and they couldn’t have been more fun to work with.  And when we finally got to meet Jamie and Lockie on their wedding day, it was just too much fun — some people you just click with immediately and they are definitely those kind of people! Jamie even sung a quick rendition of “Here Comes the Bride” while her dad walked her down the mini-aisle — perfect!

Jamie and Lockie had such a relaxed-but-excited, full of happiness wedding, I just had to ask them how they planned it and pulled it off so beautifully! And they shared a ton of details, so read on Internet Humans! They have so much great advice!

Wedding at Miss Pixie's Vintage Shop in Washington DC

Why Pop! Wed Co instead of an event-type wedding? Describe your wedding plans and why they were special for you guys.

We decided to get engaged around the same time we decided to move from Australia to the USA, because we realised that once we left the boarders of our home country, we might not be recognised legally as a couple. Our original plans changed many times. It started as a casual barbecue in the backyard, and then morphed into a full blown event-wedding scheduled for 2015 back in Australia. Not long after we picked the venue, we started to get cold feet. The pressure of a huge wedding was too much and we knew it wasn’t for us. Additionally, we have been enjoying our new American lives so much that we’ve decided we’d like to stay for a little longer. Getting ourselves hitched became necessary for things like visas and health insurance.

This is when we found Pop! Wed Co on Offbeat Bride. We were drawn immediately to Maggie’s spectacular photography. These amazing images, paired with humanist philosophy, suddenly made us feel extremely comfortable. Once we had locked in a date with Maggie and Steven, we got to work on some small plans.

We decided to elope, but also tell a few members of family and close friends in advance. Given that most people close to us live in Australia, we had expected our day to be just the two of us. Perhaps not too surprisingly, we had some folks make the very long trip to DC to help us celebrate.

Maggie and Steven picked Miss Pixie’s as our venue on our very minimal direction of, “campy, kitsch, Americana and glittery please”.  They could not have found a space more suited to us! We were so excited, and so grateful to the team at Miss Pixie’s for allowing us to use their store.

Popup Weddings in Washington DC

We wanted our day to be lots of fun, and as relaxed and easy to navigate as possible. We stayed the weekend in downtown DC, ordered DC Pedicabs to take us to Pixie’s, and had a tapas dinner at Barcelona Wine Bar right next door. Then we used Uber cars to get to Bethesda to see a Beatles tribute band. It was a pretty awesome day!

We invited our guests to be involved in all of the activities as much or as little as they liked. We left parts of the day segmented so people could pop in and out in a “choose your own adventure” kind of way. This worked really well, and we had some people just for one or two parts of the day, and others for the whole time.

One of the other reasons we went with Pop! Wed Co. was because they offer awesome wedding experiences at a price which was manageable for us. We are now legally married, in the way that we wanted to do it, without having any newly-wed debt. Hooray! Although we didn’t have to pay much, we never ever felt like we were getting anything less than a premium service. Maggie was wonderful to work with and was there for us throughout the 6 months between initial contact to wedding day. 

Alternative Wedding at Miss Pixie's Vintage Shop

What was your favorite moment at your wedding?

That is such a tough question because we feel like we have a million favourite moments and spent two days talking about them all. I (Jamie) loved Maggie’s idea to make a bouquet out of Barbie Dolls, and then my friends bought us one of the Barbies as a wedding gift. Lockie’s favourite thing was hearing applause and cheers from not only our guests, but also all the shoppers in the store, when Steven pronounced us married. The photo session after the ceremony was a great chance for us to relax and hang out together before re-joining our guests for dinner. We also loved dancing like the nerds that we are with our old college friends to the fake Beatles. It made us feel like we were back home again.

It was a no stress day, and we barely even noticed it was raining. Who cares about rain when you are getting married in front of wall covered in vintage playboys? 

How did you celebrate the rest of your wedding day?

We hung out with our friends and family at the activities we had planned in advance. Barcelona Wine Bar took incredibly good care of us, even though we had not explained that we were dining with them to celebrate our wedding. We walked into the restaurant to cheers and applause from our guests, the staff and all the other patrons. Maggie and Steven gave us CakeLove cupcakes for our whole party, which we shared for dessert. In Bethesda at the WannaBeatles concert we danced and posed for a stop motion video created by one of our special guests.

Retro Style Wedding Location in Washington DC

What advice would you give to other people planning popup and elopement style-weddings?

Our advice is to do what makes you feel comfortable, and not worry too much about what other people might think is “supposed” to happen at a wedding. Try to go with the flow, and know that there will be unavoidable hiccups and anomalies. As long as the two of you are there, everything will work out fine.

Finally, if you have a partner who is prone to a bit of stress, some reassurance the day before wouldn’t go astray. Lockie wrote to me in a card, “I am so glad we are getting married. I love you so much and will be there for you always. No matter what, tomorrow will be great!”

And it was… that’s a smart husband.

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Seriously, Cakelove‘s cake in a jar is the best thing ever!

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Congratulations Jamie & Lockie, and thanks for sharing all that awesome advice with us!