“But Maggie!” you say. “A wedding registry for an elopement? But we aren’t asking for or expecting any gifts!”.

I’m with you, Internet reader. I am. We’re eloping too, and we’re not asking for gifts either. But as I’ve learned as I mention our engagement and elopement wedding plans: sometimes people just want to buy you stuff.

Multiple people have said they’re going to get us something, and if we don’t register, we’ll just hate what they get us and we’ll have to keep it forever. This is kind of true — people want to get you those heirloom gifts for your wedding. Things that you’ll have when your kids learn to bake and you host strangely grown-up dinners. You’ll say “Oh, my great-great-uncle Gertie got us this serving tray for our wedding!” and somewhere, your uncle, who was always mad that he had a lady’s name, will feel his ears burning and smile.

Anyway, on to registries. Here’s my strategy for making a wedding registry for an elopement — hope it helps!

Places to Register

When possible, I like to rehome old stuff so that it doesn’t get thrown away. And with kitchen gadgets, this is super easy, because pots and pans and serving trays and pitchers haven’t really changed much in the past half-century (except now they’re made out of cheaper material and they don’t last as long). I was crossing all my fingers and toes that Etsy had registries, and what do you know — they DO! Check them out here. It’s easy to add stuff to Etsy registries, although it’s kind of a bummer when you see something you registered become unavailable because someone else bought it. But there’s always something else awesome to swap it with!

For things we couldn’t find on Etsy, like a CuisineArt stand mixer and whatnot, we went the ultra-practical route with Amazon. (Seriously, I had no idea these places had registries!) I tried registering at CB2, West Elm, and Crate & Barrel, but none of them had enough stuff that we wanted to justify making a registry there. But who needs 89234 registries for an elopement anyways!?

Things to Register For

We wanted to register for enough stuff that our registry was fun to look through, but not so much that we didn’t get the things we really wanted. Not sure if we did a great job at this (might have gotten carried away) but here are some of the things we thought would be smart to register for:

(We went with mostly kitchen stuff because we haven’t really bought much yet, and people love to get you cute kitchen stuff)

Wedding Registry for an Elopement

A stand mixer.
CuisineArt — on Amazon, these things come in like forty color options.

A good knife set.
I read that these guys have good knives…? I like how the block is skinny so it takes up less counter space.

Silverware that actually matches?
Still not sure if I’m on board with this one (I kind of like the mismatch) but it’s always a good idea to have more things to eat with. This set is so minimal but pretty.

Quality pots/pans set
Le Creuset is pretty awesome, I inherited my grandmother’s fire-red-orange set and damn are they beautiful. They last forever. And they come in every color imaginable.

Random glassware
Great reason to get these wacky whiskey glasses!

At this point I got kind of stuck…but Amazon swears people register for these things all the time and I kind of believe them, because they seem incredibly useful.

Silpat Baking Mat
So you never have to use baking parchment again? For $16? Adding that immediately.

This is getting really kitchen heavy, how about a tent or some camping gear? I don’t know much about tents, but this one looks cool.

On Etsy, there’s so much awesome stuff…

Best things to register for on Etsy for your weddingFancy cocktail supplies

All kinds of retro ramekins and casserole dishes

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a vintage wedding-ice-cream-scooper? Like this mint one?!

And who wouldn’t love to decorate their house in giant reclaimed letter signage?

My theory about registries is that anyone who wants to get us a gift wants to get us something that will live in our home forever and we’ll remember them whenever we use it. So instead of registering for traditional items that live on lists like “10 Things You Absolutely CANNOT Live Without!” or whatever, we’re registering for things we know we’re going to use for decades to come.

How to Give Out the Registry

I’m excited to fill our home (mostly our kitchen) with tiny treasures that we scoured the Internet for and our loved ones gifted us to celebrate our marriage. In the end though, we’re not getting married for the gifts, and there’s nothing we registered for that we can’t live without. Making a registry is a great way to figure out what Steven and I both like (case in point: the dude doesn’t like a lot of midcentury stuff. Oy.) as we think more long term about what our home will look and feel like.

Anyway! We don’t want to send the registry link out with announcements or anything like that — but if people ask us for it, we’ll share, and we’ve sent a link to each of our parents so that when our relatives ask they’ll know just where to go :)

Note: Are you wondering if I got paid for this post? I wish — but nope. Just sharing some of our experiences in case they help anybody out!

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