Gwen and Hillary’s elopement wedding at a brewery was so much fun! We’ve dreamed about a DC Brau wedding for monnnnths, and when Gwen & Hillary mentioned they’d like to get married at a brewery, we were way too excited!

Local brewery of awesome DC Brau welcomed us for their wedding ceremony and portraits, and it was a really beautiful (and surprisingly intimate considering we were in the middle of a brewery full of people!). Awesome music, tons of beer, rad murals, and the friendliest people at DC Brau made Gwen & Hillary’s wedding a totally unique and amazing experience.

Hillary & Gwen shared their thoughts about wedding planning and having their wedding at such an awesome location:

What was your favorite part of your wedding at DC Brau?

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of our wedding since it was all so easy and amazing. But if we had to choose… it would probably be our wedding location. We got engaged at a winery and married at a brewery, what more could you ask for? The kindness of DC Brau and the amazingly artistic eye of the Maggie and Steven duo gave us exactly what we wanted in a place where we felt totally comfortable. And our photos turned out so amazing, with our fun dresses and awesome brewery background.

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Why did you choose an elopement instead of a traditional event-type wedding?

After a series of unseen events occurred, throwing a number of huge wrenches in our original wedding plans, we decided to scrap all the big plans and do something for ourselves. It was important to do something that would be low stress and highly memorable. Then BOOM! we stumbled upon Pop! Wed Co and from the get go, this type of wedding was a perfect match for us. Our original plan of a wedding with our parents and friends was becoming less about us, Hillary and Gwen, and was growing so complicated that the wedding was no longer fun. Our decision to go elopement style, was the best decision we could have made, as it was truly about the two of us.

Do you have plans to celebrate your wedding with friends and family? What are you planning?

Everyone likes a good party, so that’s what we will do. Although the actual ceremony was in September here in Washington, DC, most of our family and friends are on the West Coast. We will have our grand reception in March in California at the arboretum on the university campus where we met eight years ago. This will include a very short vow renewal/ recommitment ceremony, where our parents will walk us down the aisle and we will share our promise of love and commitment in front of friends and family. After that will come the big party, with drinks and dinner and dancing under the stars.

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What advice would you share with other couples planning elopement weddings?

Our advice? Remember that this day is ultimately about you and what you and your beloved want. If your family and friends are initially put off by the idea, just talk to them and give them time… Really, they just want you to be happy, trust us, they will understand. The most important thing is to take time to enjoy the moment and each other. As someone told us, “Enjoy the moment, take your time to remember everything, the sights, smells, sounds and the faces of each other. As time goes by visit this day and remember how special you both are. When times get rough, remember this day of joy and excitement. Through heartache and happiness remember today as the first day of the rest of your life, may it be long, joyous, and loving.”

Thank you for sharing this awesome advice Gwen & Hillary, and CONGRATULATIONS!!

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A HUGE thank you to DC Brau for being an amazing alternative wedding venue. And an even more giant congratulations to Gwen & Hillary! Thanks for including Pop Wed Co!

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