Jenny and Andy came up from Richmond, VA for their DC elopement and brought all their awesomeness with them! We met in Adams Morgan for their ceremony at the Champorama mural (funniest name, best wedding location!) with just the two of them and us — and a few random passers-by shouting congratulations. Which is always the best!
After their ceremony, we headed over to Smash Records for some photos sifting through DC’s best record collection (including the ever-awesome I Against I). Then we visited the first tattoo shop where Andy traveled to get tattooed (Tattoo Paradise) and then grabbed some tacos. It was a wedding day full of relaxed excitement and tons of grins! And Andy’s awesome moustache tattoo totally wins.
Tattooed Groom Wedding Photos by Pop Wed Co
What’s the story of you guys? How did you meet, fall in love, and decide to get married?
Andy and I met at work. We were acquaintances for a while and then one fateful Taco Tuesday night, I invited Andy out with my friends for our regular Taco Tuesday. He and I stayed at the restaurant long after my friends left and chatted for 6+ hours. We dated for about 2 years. Andy and I started the conversation about getting married after a trip home to visit my family. At the time, my mother was battling stage IV endometrial cancer and he wanted to ensure she was part of our wedding day.
What was your vision for your wedding day?
I was never the girl who spent my childhood planning a wedding or envisioning one. So when it came to deciding on one, I knew I wanted something low-key and stress free.
Alternative Wedding in DC with Street Art Mural
How did you begin your search for wedding vendors, and how did you find Pop Wed Co?
We had been engaged for several months, almost 8 months, and during that time we had been through a lot of changes and stressful situations including purchasing a home. About 2 months after purchasing a house, I decided it was finally time to figure out what we wanted to do for a wedding and set a date. I have always loved the fall (this was July), so I knew I needed to figure things out. One morning, while scrolling through Twitter, I came across a tweet about “pop-up weddings.” I was immediately intrigued and read the article. The article was about Pop Wed Co and since DC was so close to Richmond, it just seemed like the stars aligned. I e-mailed Maggie that very day and we started getting the ball rolling.
DC Alternative Elopement Wedding by Pop Wed Co
Why did you choose to have an elopement wedding instead of an event-type wedding?
The decision for an elopement wedding was twofold. The first reason was because I had had an extremely stressful year. My mother passed away soon after Andy and I got engaged and I could not really imagine planning an elaborate wedding without my mother by my side, even a small one. Between her not being there and the other added stresses, I didn’t want to add something else stressful to my plate. The second reason was because I had been engaged before when I was 23. Like I mentioned above, I had never envisioned my wedding day, so when I started planning that wedding, I found deciding on details to be frivolous and frustrating. I did not enjoy the process at all. Then when we broke our engagement, we lost all our deposits totaling about $8,000. I went into debt and had to take a second job to get myself out of that debt from my cancelled wedding. After that experience, I just felt that I wanted to be wiser about my money and I didn’t want to be stressed. Initially, we planned to host a small wedding, but after stressful question sessions regarding who was going to be there and that people needed time to make accommodations, I knew that even hosting a small wedding was not going to work for me. Pop Wed Co was the perfect solution because it was low-key, stress free, unique, and fun!
Wedding photos at a local record store in DC
We loved how low key it was and loved nonchalantly telling people we were getting married or had just gotten married. I went to get my nails done the day of and my nail technician asked me if I had anything special planned for the day. I casually dropped that I was getting married and he was dumbfounded. He told me I was the calmest and nicest bride he had ever dealt with. That made me feel so good! I loved that not only was I feeling calm, I appeared that way! We also casually dropped it to our Uber driver that we were getting married, he was shocked and so excited for us! It was really fun to nonchalantly say that to people.
We knew our families were a little bit bummed that we were not letting them in on our special day, but it was really important to us to just be us. However, because we wanted to ensure everyone felt included, we hosted a dinner for our family and some of our special friends right after we were married!  It was a nice and intimate occasion and we were able to celebrate and everyone felt included in getting to celebrate!
Alternative DC Wedding Photographer - Pop Wed Co
What was your favorite part of your wedding?
I loved that it was unique and cost effective. When we told everyone what we were doing, everyone thought it was so fun and unique. Most of my friends who had held traditional weddings commented that they wished they had done something similar instead. (although I loved attending all their weddings because they were beautiful!) I also loved how cost effective it was. Because we were not spending a large amount on the wedding, we were able to spend money on traveling and will have two honeymoons! Our first honeymoon was a short trip to London and our second honeymoon will be a three week trip to Australia. When we first started deciding on what we wanted to do, we both agreed that we would rather have an awesome honeymoon than a big wedding, Pop Wed Co allowed us to have a unique wedding and an awesome honeymoon!
What advice would you share with a couple who’s currently planning a popup wedding?
Have fun, relax, and take it all in! It goes by so quick, so really enjoy everything.
Who made your outfits?
Andy’s suit is the Calvin Klein Modern Slim Fit Suit in Gray. My dress was by Tadashi Shoji.
Alternative weddings for creative couples in DC
Thanks to Jenny & Andy for sharing your story, and congratulations!
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Wedding photos at a record store in DC

DC elopement wedding photography by Pop Wed Co

Alternative DC elopement wedding by Pop Wed Co

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