When we got engaged, I had a pink half shaved hairstyle. That’s…half a head of hair, and half shaved head. I like it, it’s weird and fun and awesome.

But the thing is, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of alternative wedding hair inspiration out there, or at least, I couldn’t find it. There’s no Pinterest board for “half shaved hairstyles for your wedding, with a side of retro styling” (which is what I was looking for). Lots of brown hair, but very few brides with pink hair! What color lipstick do you wear with pink hair? (The questions go on…) Plus, the only people I can find with half shaved hairstyles are some famous guy and a bunch of emo girls, and that’s just not what I’m going for. So I turned to the raddest wedding hair and makeup company ever, Alison Harper & Co., and they went to town on my half-pink-half-shaved hair!

I’ve never had professional makeup and hair done before, and Caitlin and Jesseca were not only incredibly skilled and super efficient, but they were so fun to hang out with! They brought a chair and tables, plus all their equipment — I did actually nothing, except sit down. It was crazy!

Alternative Wedding Hair and Makeup Ideas for Pink Hair

It’s at this point that I’d like to say: I had basically zero inspiration images or ideas for these ladies…I said “maybe some dark eyes and something retro, the 50s are cool”. And they totally went for it!

I’m not sure what this style is called, but it’s kind of a vintage curled hairstyle…with my half shave. Who would have thought half a head of hair is enough for a fun retro style? I feel fancy but totally myself, just…fancier? I LIKE IT.

Alternative Wedding Hairstyles for Pink Hair Half Shave


Oh yeah, and did I mention I’m wearing fake eyelashes?! I never thought I’d go for it…but these things are so comfortable and I can’t even tell they’re there. It’s kind of insane. My eyelashes are SO LONG right now. I always tell brides that fake eyelashes look amazing in photos, so I figured why not give it a try…and now I’d definitely recommend it, these things are nuts cool.

So we had the formal hairstyle totally down, and next we messed it up a bit to look less perfect, more relaxed maybe? I am terrible with knowing things about hair (can you tell) but whatever they did was awesome…bringing us to wedding hair gif #2!


Pink Hair Half Shaved Hairstyles for Wedding Inspiration

So, kind of the same, but messier and more fun. I had no idea there was a way to wear a half shaved hairstyle other than…my regular hair. Hah. Hair stylists are magic!

And the makeup! I’m not normally a makeup-wearer, my body kind of hates it, but I’m giving it a second thought:

Alternative Wedding Hairstyle Retro Half Shaved Pink Hair


Pink Haired Bride Alternative Wedding Hair Ideas

Anyway, I never really imagined that I’d do professional makeup and hair for my wedding, but I found a great vendor and after doing the trial I’d definitely recommend it to other brides, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for. Apparently, half a head of hair is totally style-able by the professionals!

We’ve talked with Alison Harper & Co. about providing makeup and hair services for our brides, and they’ve been really awesome. They’re excited to work with alternative brides and couples who are eloping, so if you want more info about these ladies, check them out here.

And a final note, they did NOT pay me to write this post! I hired them for my own wedding, and these photos are from my hair and makeup trial. I wanted to share with you guys because I had such a hard time finding a company who was excited about doing alternative hair and makeup in the DC area that I’m hoping this post makes it easier for you guys to find them too. These ladies were so excited to work with an alternative hairstyle, it was amazing, and I want all of our brides to get the same awesome service across the board when it comes to wedding vendors!

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