I met Taylor & Nate last year doing their awesome engagement photos (featuring Taylor’s rad pink hair), and we’ve been looking forward to their wedding ever since! Being able to meet and photograph our couples before their big day is always so much fun — we get to know each other so that on your wedding day, you already know exactly what to expect!

DC elopements are always awesome but the trick is, where to get married inside in the winter? It can be a little…polar vortexy around here sometimes. To avoid the unpleasantness, we chose the Kogod Courtyard — it has so much natural light! But then it was unseasonably beautiful on their wedding day, so we went for a walk outside afterward to celebrate.

Taylor and Nate planned an awesome popup wedding. It felt so relaxing the whole time — it was obvious that Taylor and Nate had really taken the time to explain their wedding plans to their loved ones. Everyone was full of excitement and no one was confused!

DC Photographer for Elopements Kogod Courtyard

I asked the brand-newlyweds to share a little bit about their story and their wedding planning process (and they agreed, because they rock!).

How did you guys meet? What’s your story in a nutshell?
We went to high school together, and actually our younger brothers played baseball together for years when they were kids. Taylor’s mom used to point out Nate at the baseball field and say how cute he was and that they should date. Then a few years later, our German teacher and Taylor’s mom told us each that the other wanted to go to the prom together and essentially tricked us into being each others’ dates. We went, and started dating shortly after…that was nine years ago!
Tell us about your decision to have a Pop! wedding, as opposed to an event-type wedding. What did you enjoy more about a popup wedding?
We knew we didn’t want to spend a lot, and didn’t want a lot of stress. We weren’t really sure what that would look like until we saw the Pop Wed Co. piece in the Washington Post back in the summer; after investigating further, we knew a popup wedding fit our budget and sounded so cool and easy. Plus, good pictures were really important to us, and Maggie’s pics from previous weddings were so awesome!
Popup Wedding Photographer in Washington DC
How did you decide who to invite to your Pop! wedding?
Since we had to keep it small, and our family is not local, we limited it to parents, siblings, and our good friend/sorta-maid of honor. That gave us a good core group that included all the most important people but wasn’t too cumbersome to wrangle and lead around the city!
In the spring our parents are also hosting a reception in Pittsburgh (back home) for our extended families so they’ll have a chance to celebrate with us too. It worked out really well and is the best of both worlds.
What was your planning process like? Did you learn anything that you’d like to share with couples who are currently planning popup weddings?
The planning process was overall pretty easy, and we were lucky to have families who supported our popup vision. Advice for prospective popup couples: you WILL have to explain the concept to everybody, all the time, multiple times, because easy weddings blow people’s minds. This breaks all the rules! But there are no rules, and in the end almost everyone will think it’s a very cool idea and many will confess to wishing they’d thought of it when they got married.
Wedding Photography at an Art Gallery with a Short Wedding Dress
What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
Having all the people we love in one place to celebrate with us.
And how did you celebrate after the big confetti exit?
That evening we headed over to Rí Rá Irish Pub in Arlington where a bunch of our local friends joined us and our families for dinner and drinks. It was a really fun evening and with lots of great food!


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Bride with Purple Hair and Short Kate Spade Wedding Dress


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A bride with a short dress and purple hair for her elopement


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Wedding Photography at an Art Gallery in Washington DC


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Wedding at an Art Gallery in Washington DC

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Bride with purple hair and a short wedding hairstyle


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(Also, I had to include these links since Taylor’s Kate Spade game was on pointttt!)

Taylor’s Dress — Kate Spade Quinlan Dress (the cutest short wedding dress! look at that epic skirt and bow!)

Taylor’s Shoes — Kate Spade Charm Heels (seriously, could they be more filled with amazing bows & glitter?!)

Bouquet — Whole Foods for the win!

Nate’s Pocket Square — Custom made + full of awesome


10 thoughts on “A Fancy DC Elopement at an Art Gallery – Taylor & Nate”

  1. As mother of the bride i have to say…this is a fantastic idea. This fit Taylor and Nate perfectly! POPWED is the best! Maggie and Steven are wonderful!

  2. As mother of the bride i have to say…this is a fantastic idea. This fit Taylor and Nate perfectly! POPWED is the best! Maggie and Steven are wonderful!

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