Katie and Cameron had an amazing popup wedding at Smith Public Trust in Brookland. On New Year’s Eve! It was pretty freezing but SO full of love and Katie braved the cold in her dress for these photos! Their ceremony was in front of a beautiful piece of DC-themed art, and their wedding photos were incredibly fun to create in a brand new neighborhood for us (our first Brookland wedding!).

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I asked Katie and Cameron about their wedding planning experience, and why they chose a popup style wedding, and here’s what they had to say!

What led you to go with a popup wedding package like ours as opposed to a traditional event-type wedding?
Cameron and I have been together for 9 years and we always discussed doing something non-traditional when and if we ever got married. Fast forward to May 2014 when we got engaged. A few months passed us by before we started to discuss what we wanted to do for our wedding. We initially thought we’d love to do a destination wedding somewhere tropical but quickly realized that neither of us was dying to start the planning process. Around that same time, my friend Sarah told me she had seen a write-up on NPR’s website about a company that did impromptu elopements, Pop Wed Co., and that she thought of us immediately. After much discussion, Cameron and I decided that this was the perfect choice for us! We are still planning on a destination ‘Happily Ever After’ party to celebrate with friends and family but this was the right choice for our wedding. Unique, simple, spontaneous, heart felt and just about the two of us. We contacted Maggie and Steven and a NYE wedding is what we got!
DC Wedding Photography in Brookland
Look at Katie’s amazing braid! Alison Harper & Co. brought the awesome for her hair and makeup :)
How did you decide on your guest list for the wedding? 
We knew that we wanted our immediate families present. Cameron and I both have huge extended families and lots of friends near and far. We love all of them, but knew that a big blowout wedding was not in the cards. We settled on immediate family to keep it simple. We had everyone in DC for 4 whole days and got to do some of our most favorite things with this intimate group (show at Ford’s Theater, dining at some awesome restaurants). 
What did your family think of your awesome, alternative wedding plans?
They loved it! I think the way that we chose to do our wedding was truly reflective of who we are as individuals and as a couple. 
How did you share the news with family members and friends who weren’t invited to your ceremony?
We sent a wedding announcement to friends and family about a month after the ceremony. We included one of Maggie’s fabulous photos and a fun message —
“Yes, It’s True: We’re Married!
With the sun on our faces
And blue in the skies,
You were there in our hearts,
If not in our eyes
This past New Year’s Eve we got married in a pop-up style elopement”
Alternative Wedding Photography Washington DC
I heard you’re planning an afterparty to celebrate your marriage! Tell us about your plans!
As I mentioned above, we are planning a “Happily Ever After” party. We are looking to make it a destination, most likely Clearwater Beach in Florida. This particular beach holds a special place in our hearts. 2016 is our year. We’ll have been together for 10 years at that point and we think this would be an awesome time to celebrate that anniversary along with our marriage!
How did you decide to have an afterparty? Where will it be? Will you incorporate traditions from an event-type wedding or will it be all party-time?
Our plan is to keep the “Happily Ever After” party as just that, a party. My thought is to have some sort of slide show with photos from our wedding (and video) playing so folks get the full effect. Beyond that, I think it’s just a time to hang with friends and family and celebrate with those we love most in this world. And what better place to host it than one of our favorite places in the world. We are beach bums at heart. 
What advice would you share with couples planning popup style weddings and after-wedding parties?
Try, try to drown out the excess noise. It’s about the TWO OF YOU. Do your best to remember that and ignore others who try to tell you different. Honor each other and the rest will fall into place. Enjoy every minute! You are about to marry your best friend! Life can’t get much better in that moment. 

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Thanks to Alison Harper & Co. for amazing hair and makeup for Katie, and to Smith Public Trust for welcoming us into their space to celebrate Katie and Cameron’s wedding!

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