You guys probably all know this already, but back in January, Steven and I GOT MARRIED! We’d been planning to get married for a while, but didn’t really know when to do it. But we always imagined we’d celebrate at a Pietasters show (since they’re the best, and we’ve been seeing them live together for a decade), so we waited to see when they were playing in DC, and BOOM we had a wedding date! It was a relief for someone else to pick our wedding date for us, cause I feel like deciding on a wedding date can be hard/confusing/not something I was looking forward to!

So, January 10th. The freezing Saturday in between the two “unseasonably warm” weekends. The one where the high was something like “seventeen, but feels like zero”. Our wedding day!

Being a photographer, I’ve definitely encouraged brides to take their coats off to get some photos in their dress, even when it’s freezing out, so I figured the weather was their revenge :P But our photos are proof! You can’t see cold! (Well, except in a few, you can totally see my Rudolph nose)

I always love seeing wedding recaps from wedding vendors, because it’s so interesting to see what wedding professionals do for their own celebrations, so I’ll share some of the stuff we did here in hopes it’ll amuse you guys :D And if you want to see more of our wedding, it’ll be in RocknRoll Bride Magazine, which comes out TODAY!

pink haired bride in a rainbow building

Our Outfits

Since I’m a strange size, standard dress sizes don’t do a great job of fitting me. Plus, there are very few white and black polka dotted wedding dresses for sale around the Internet. But that’s what friends are for! My friend Sarah reached out to her friend Hannah who is an ammmmazing dress designer, and she superhuman-ed me a totally custom dress!

I also realized as I was planning that all my leather is white (NO idea why that happened). Bridal as fuck, eh? :P

wedding day getting ready together

Steven wore black Levi’s, docs, a custom shirt from Proper Cloth, and the most gorgeous retro 1950/60s suit jacket I’ve ever seen. We found it at Bygones in Richmond, we just popped in since we used to love that place when we lived there, and voila, there was this amazing jacket that fit him almost perfectly! His outfit was easy. And he looked amazing. Grooms: seriously, Levi’s are the best!

Our goal for our outfits was to feel awesome, and to wear something that the other person thought was amazing. So, I think jeans are way sexier than suit pants, for instance, and Steven was totally on board. Steven wanted me to wear heels, but I wanted to wear my docs, so I wore heels until the ceremony, then I changed into docs to stomp on the glass, and wore them for the rest of the day!

choosing what shoes to wear for your wedding

So, Pop! Wed Couples: I have this amazingly gorgeous 1950s swing dress with tiny polka dots sitting in my closet. It was made to my measurements, so it’s extremely small. If you’re  looking for a dress, and you’re my size, get in touch with me cause I’d be more than happy to lend it to you! It shouldn’t sit in the closet forever. It’s epic!

wedding photos by matt miller


Finding a photographer was haaaaard. I just didn’t know where to look! Of course I started with Offbeat Bride, Capitol Romance, and A Practical Wedding, but I knew I’d seen someone’s photos who I fell in love with a while ago and I just couldn’t put my finger on who it was. I finally came across Matt Miller, and he was exactly what I was looking for! Steven did not care at all about who photographed our wedding, which offended me a little as a wedding photographer (I was like PHOTOS ARE THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS and he was just like, whatever dude, do what you want). But then when we got our photos back, Steven was like hooooooly shit these are amazing, and he’s so glad we hired Matt. So, YAY!

wedding cake with dinosaur cake toppers

Our cake was made by our friend Fresh, our friend who makes the cutest cakes. Steven wanted all chocolate all the time, so that’s what we got. And for the toppers, we grabbed the dinosaurs from our original Pop! Wed Co video and stuck them on top. Easy.

We got married at Blind Whino, which is my absolute favorite building in the universe. It is the shape of a church (epic) with a breathtaking mural by Hense all over the outside (are you serious?) and murals all over the inside by another insane artist, Meggs (so much ART!). So, the whole building is perfect. We did our first ever Pop! Wedding there, almost exactly a year ago! <3

wedding day getting ready at home

And my hair and makeup was done by the hands down best hair and makeup artists in the DC area (the people we always recommend to our couples): Alison Harper & Co. Jesseca and Caitlin came over, they were fun to hang out with and did their thing, and it was perfect!


And, now we’re married, and it’s awesome! Check out our photos :)

dinosaur cake toppers and 3d printed wedding ring


Dinosauuuuurs! And my 3D printed wedding band! And his gorgeous simple one from Etsy :)

Look at my moms all adorable, watching me get ready. I had to keep my eyes closed for most of the makeup and hair time, so these photos are tons of fun for me to look at!

Yes, this is the shirt Steven wore under his fancy suit shirt :D

Steven got me those monkey slippers for the holidays one year when we were in high school. Monkey slippers = perfect wedding footwear.

wedding day cat

Lucyfurrrrr the kitty! I wanted to bring her to the wedding on a leash, but I guess it was kind of cold. Also, cats are not very well behaved.

short wedding dress retro bride with pink hair

tiny wedding in washington dc

Wedding time! It was freezing! Note everyone wearing huge jackets, and me wearing the opposite of a huge jacket.

Our friend Greg was our wedding officiant, he set us up freshman year of high school. So much fun having a friend officiate. He also used Social Distortion lyrics in our ceremony, hahaha.

pop wed co founders marry each other in dc

Can you see how little we were in this photo? My vows included mostly really embarrassingly old photos of Steven being adorable.

short 1950s wedding dress and blue suit jacket

My favorite photo ever because it’s the sweetest <3

stomping on the glass at a wedding

Men should not be the only ones allowed to stomp on the glass! It was too much fun!

confetti exit retro modern wedding in dc

bride with pink hair

Both Mrs. Gaudaens having a hug!

1950s swing wedding dress with retro suit jacket

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  1. I am so in love with this!!! I believe weddings shouldn’t have to follow a standard. It should only include the things you absolutely love. You looked stunning as well!!! So sweet!!!

  2. THIS IS BEYOND ADORABLE. YAY! I took an Entrepreneurship course with Steven last Fall and I’m SO happy to see that you two 1) got married – how exciting!!! – and 2) are running such an incredibly successful business together! How fun. Wishing you all the best!!!

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