A tiny wedding on my birthday, at my favorite wedding venue in DC (where we got married this past winter!) — I couldn’t imagine a more fun way to celebrate! We met up with Veronica and Maria and their family and friends at Blind Whino first thing in the morning. It was still pretty cool out, and everyone was SO excited. I asked Veronica and Maria to share how they planned their wedding — including their *awesome* vows, which were written on flowers and combined together to make a gorgeous bouquet!

Popup wedding with Pop! Wed Co in DC

Tell us about your tiny wedding plans, and why they were awesome for the two of you. 

Maria and I wanted to have something intimate that include our loved ones and was unique — we don’t like following “the norm”. When we learned about Pop Wed we were thrilled! It allowed us to not worry about the details, but focus on the most important components to us – the marriage and our friends/family. On the website, there was a picture of their wedding at Blind Whino. Maria and I were like “WOAH – you can use that space?” Her and I had played flag football for several years in the park next to the building and admired it every Saturday. Having no idea what it was or how it was utilized, we never thought we’d be able to hop the fence and take some pictures. Little did we know we could get married there! It was that meant to be moment when we saw it on Pop Wed – we knew that was exactly the spot! 
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Your vows were really awesome. We’d love to hear about how you came up with the idea and how it worked for you! 

All the credit for vows goes to my wife! Maria and I were having breakfast one day thinking about how we wanted to do our vows. We wanted to do something custom, but didn’t want to have to memorize them. Since we both love flowers, we decided it would symbolic to build a bouquet together. Having the vows written on the tags was an awesome visual to have at our reception so people who were not in attendance could have a glimpse into what took place. 
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What was your favorite part of your wedding day? 

My favorite part of the wedding day was our first look. Maria and I decided that we didn’t want to see each other until the ceremony, but we weren’t sure how that was going to go down. When I was able to hide on the side of the building and she came around the corner – all my nerves just disappeared and I was overjoyed that my future wife had arrived! It was that moment that I was beyond thankful to have her as my partner in the journey of life.  
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How did you celebrate after your Pop! Wedding?

After the ceremony, we had brunch with our friends and family that attended. It was extra special because my mom had cooked homemade casseroles the day before and we were able to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal! Our best friends and my mom then put together flower arrangements for the reception that evening. The time between the ceremony and the reception was extra special because we were all in our 700 sq ft condo putting together flowers, talking about the ceremony and sharing special memories from throughout our life. The reception was at 6pm and it was amazing! Remember – we don’t like traditional – so basically it was a big party! It was literally a perfect day – just as we had envisioned it. 
Thank you Veronica and Maria for sharing all kinds of awesome details about your awesome tiny wedding! Congratulations! <3

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