Humans of the Internet! It’s 2016! How did this happen?! It feels like 2015 just flew by. We got married in January, sold our house in April, got to learn all about DC’s hellish real estate market, finally moved into our new place in August, built a kitchen/bathroom/Ikea furniture for what felt like eons, and now all of a sudden it’s JANUARY! Insanity. But, the awesome kind :)

So with the new year, we wanted to share a brand new type of Pop! Wedding with you…our new styled popup wedding package! What’s a styled popup wedding, you ask? We have so much to shaaaaare! (I might also have an overabundance of excitement today — I lost my speaking voice due to a little winter cold, but turns out keyboards work great for talking without a real voice, and I may be a little too excited about being able to communicate…)

Back to the weddings!

Styled Popup Wedding Package in Washington DC

What is the Styled Popup Wedding package? How is it different from regular Pop! Weddings?

Many of our couples wanted to be able to invite just a few more guests, and we’ve had requests for rented venues too — not everyone is psyched about maybe-probably-not getting kicked out of their wedding venue, and we totally hear that! Plus, when we got married Pop! Wedding-style, we realized our guests were just kind of hanging out while we took photos, and we had no way to entertain them. (Which, for a half-hour-or-so portrait session, isn’t a huge deal, but hey, we thought: we can do better!).

Our styled popup weddings will take place at a rented venue (there will be one venue for all of the weddings that date, and we’ll decorate it in various different styles throughout the year). We’ll welcome party sizes of up to 25 people, and after the ceremony when I whisk the newlyweds away for a portrait session, we’ll have a cocktail ready and waiting for the guests. Plus, there may or may not be a fire pit + smores and bocce at some of our styled weddings!

After the portraits, the photographer will bring the newlyweds back to the venue to cut some cake, have a toast, and then you’ll be off to celebrate however you prefer.

Styled Popup Weddings Package in DC

So can I host my whole reception at a Styled Popup Wedding?

Not quite! The timeframe is still the same as our standard Pop! Weddings; everything takes place within the span of an hour. However, if you’re looking for a place to host your afterparty, our venue partner is more than happy to chat with you about other options (they have lots of rentable spaces!).

Do I have to decorate the venue myself?

Nope! We’ll do all the decorating. We will plan a style beforehand, which we’ll share with each of our couples to make sure you love it. And then, just like standard Pop! Weddings, all you have to do is show up and get married!

All Inclusive Weddings Package in Washington DC

When are these things happening and how much do they cost?

We’re planning to have 5-7 styled popup wedding dates throughout 2016, but we haven’t set them in stone just yet. If there’s a date you’re hoping for, now’s the perfect time to suggest one! The cost of a styled popup is $4700 plus tax (for more about each of our packages, check out this page over here).

Styled Popup Wedding Package in DC

And that’s pretty much it! Styled popups are going to be awesome! Get in touch with us to chat more, and happppppy new year!


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Wedding Package…Introducing the Styled Popup Wedding Package!”

  1. This is a crazy question….I don’t live in DC so I hope you don’t mind. But I just saw a photo from your site with the link on a huff post article and I’m taken away by the dress the girl in the photo is wearing! I know it’s a lot to ask but if you know her, and if she wouldn’t mind sharing where she got it? My wedding is in LA this year and I’d love to look into it!

    P.S. Love your business model!! We’re getting eloped as well! Would love to have a similar service in LA that does all the photography and planning.


    1. Hey Kira!
      Dani got her dress at Nordstrom! Isn’t it the coolest?! We may just have something for you on the West coast soon, email me if you’d like to chat more! :)

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