When a couple asks for wedding pie, we know their wedding is going to be aaaawesome. Shanon and Dominic requested strawberry rhubarb pie, and our friends at Dangerously Delicious made the cutest pie for their wedding — plus, those dino toppers are always adorable.

I asked Shanon and Dominic to share a little about themselves and their wedding planning…

Why did you want to have a Pop! Wedding?
From the beginning, before we were officially engaged, we knew we wanted a small, simple, casual wedding.  We were originally planning on having a beach wedding with about 20-30 guests, but that ended up being more of a hassle than we wanted.  Trying to find hotels for group rates and getting everyone out there was just too much.  Plus the cost kept climbing and we only had a limited budget.  We were also getting married within 6 months of getting engaged.  We had basically given up on having any kind of wedding and decided to just pick a day and go to the courthouse (we were both fine with this decision, we just wanted to be married).  A few days later I was looking up photos of the Wonder exhibit at the Renwick Gallery and saw that a couple had gotten married there.  I clicked the link and found Pop! Wed Co.  It literally took me 30 seconds to send the link to Dominic.  We knew instantly this was for us.  It was exactly what we wanted.  Simple, fun, off beat, exciting, and so cheap for a DC wedding.  And the photography was beautiful!!  I emailed Maggie that day, then proceeded to read almost every blog in awe. (Aw, thanks Shanon! I love this!)
Photography for tattooed couples in DC
How did you choose your outfits?
We both knew we wanted to be casual.  We are pretty simple and easy-going and definitely didn’t want anything formal. I had previously found a dress at JCPenney, but it was just ‘okay’, I wasn’t in love with it. One day we randomly wondered into Torrid on a whim and found ‘the’ dress
Dominic’s entire outfit came from JCPenney.  Not on purpose, it is just how it worked out.  And it all started with this tie.  We ended up planning his entire outfit around that tie.
As for my hair matching Dominic’s shirt, that was a complete accident.  I failed at an experiment and ended up mixing the two colors I was using together and BOOM! Perfect, matching hair.
And then of course our chucks.  Our chucks were our favorite colors (mine being purple, and Dom’s being blue).  We knew we’d be outside in the woods or at least on grass, and I am no good in heels on a normal basis, so we went with something we both wear everyday and were comfortable in.
Awesome wedding style and outfits at a Pop Wedding in DC
What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
This is a very difficult question!  So many wonderful things happened that day!
For me:  Dominic Rick Rolling me during his vows (I am so glad someone was recording! I could no stop laughing), wedding pie!, and pie-nosaurs!!!, the moment Steven said I now pronounce you legally married, the kiss right after, our entire photography session with Rachel.  She was awesome and it felt like she really cared about us and the photos, not that we were just another job. And Steven, he made us feel super comfortable and he read the perfect quote during the ceremony.  It’s like he knew us, even though it was our first time meeting.
Alternatives to wedding cake like strawberry pie with dinosaurs
Dominic: My favorite part was listening to Steven during the ceremony, then the first kiss of course.  It was like the whole world melted away.
How did you celebrate after your wedding?
We had a reception/party at Harriet’s in DC which is a part of the Hotel Harrington.  The next day we went to the Zoo, because cute animals OMG!  Honeymoon plans are in the works for later this year to the Dominican Republic.
Tell us one of your favorite stories about you two!
My favorite story about us is how we first met, and our first date.  Dominic and I used to work for the same company, just in different locations.  I worked/lived in Maryland, and he worked/lived in Virginia.  We were both asked by our respective managers to go to Allentown, PA with 2 other coworkers to help set up a new store and get it running.  So we went.  It was a 2 week project.  I noticed Dominic pretty much right away, because his store was late.  Dominic told me he noticed me the next day (the first day of actual work).  We spent 2 weeks up in the middle of nowhere PA, working right next to each other, barely spoke two words to each other, and secretly crushing on each other. The last night of the project the whole team was in relaxation mode.  We hung out at the cheesy hotel bar, then at the very ‘unique’ hotel club.  That was the night that Dom and I actually spoke to each other and held a conversation.  I told Dominic that while we were in PA my best friend (and coworker) went over to Centralia which was about an hour from Allentown.  Centralia, PA is the town that the game/movie Silent Hill is based off of.  There are coal fires still burning underground and the town is pretty much abandoned.  Dominic told me he really wanted to go, to which I told him we (my coworkers and I) were planning on stopping by again on our way home.  So I gave him my phone number so he could text/call me in the morning and work something out.  I never heard from him. 
Until…a little while later he got a hold of me through Instagram.  Which, luckily, I had given one of his coworkers the night before.  He told me that he forgot to save my number in is phone (he ‘may’ have been a bit drunk at the time). If I hadn’t given her my Instagram, I wonder what would of happened.  Unfortunately Dominic was already on his way back to VA when we started talking.  But we didn’t stop talking.  For days.  About four days after the Allentown project was over we went on our first date, to Centralia.  So on our first date Dominic drove about an hour and a half to pick me up, then another 3 hours to Centralia. We spent the day walking on the abandoned highway, which has been beautifully decorated with graffiti, and then we headed back to MD.  We had about a 10 hour first date, and neither of us felt uncomfortable, and we talked the entire time.  I think we both knew that we had something special.  We have both told each other how we had smiles on our faces the entire way home.  I don’t think we have stopped smiling since.

Aw, you two are the best! Thanks Shanon! Now let’s check out those photooooos!

(All photos by Rachel Couch)

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