Styled weddings are so much fun because we get the opportunity to do some decorating and styling for our couples (and especially with our brand new Pop! Wed Headquarters things are about to get awesome!). So when Nergis and Caroline wrote us wanting to have a Styled Popup wedding with a flower and curtain backdrop, we were stoked!

Nergis and Caroline also had an amazing vision for their multicultural wedding day, and we were so happy to be a part of their celebration. Check out their story:

How did you two meet?

We met at Caroline’s company party at Bar Louie in Rockville, Md.

When and how did you decide to get married?

Caroline: I always wanted to get married. But I knew it wouldn’t be accepted by our government until 2015. The day I heard I could marry the woman of my dreams and it be legally recognized was absolutely breathe taking. That day, I knew I wanted to celebrate like no other!

Why did you go with a Pop! Wedding?

Nergis: I never saw myself having a large wedding. It just was not something I felt comfortable with. I believe weddings are extremely intimate and should be taken with emotional sincerity. Having a small intimate wedding here in the DC area was always my plan. When I started looking up elopement packages I came across Pop! Weddings. I immediately felt relieved because I knew this was exactly what Caroline and I were looking for. The idea of not stressing on location having all the fine print taken care of was ideal. I also looked at previous Pop! Weddings and was in love. I knew this was going to be perfect for us!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Nergis: Surprisingly the first dance. I was so nervous about it prior to the wedding. The idea of dancing in front of people while they watch you made me cringe. However, somehow I just didn’t see anyone during that moment. In my mind the room was empty and I only saw Caroline.

Caroline: It was when I first saw my wife. I saw a picture of her outfit and I knew she would look amazing as always. But she surpassed all of my expectations and shined like never before.

Can you share a favorite moment or detail of the day?

We are so happy with our color choices. The red, gold and white all went so well together, creating beautiful vibrant pictures.

Your wedding outfits were gorgeous, could you share more about what you wore?

Nergis: I grew up with a mixed cultural background. My father is from Pakistan (Southern Asia) so I grew up attending weddings from various south Asian cultures. I always loved how vibrant and royal they felt. When I brought the idea to Caroline she absolutely loved it. South Asian weddings colors and decor are never bland but rather extravagant. I thought how fun would it be to bring that element into our wedding. I wore a diamond studded lehenga and Caroline wore a cream based Sherwani.









Caroline’s Sherwani was beautiful, and her hairstyle was epic! I had a hard time thinking of bridal hairstyle ideas for my short hair when we got married, but Caroline killed it with the fade and braid combo!

Nergis’s Lehenga was gorgeous and had so much amazing detail!






Thank you for including us in your wedding day, Nergis & Caroline! <3

3 thoughts on “Nergis & Caroline’s Intimate Multicultural Wedding in DC”

  1. Maggie and Steven!

    Thank you so much for handling our Big Day. You two were absolutely amazing! You guys are a dynamic duo, to pull all of that together for us. We are so grateful to have crossed paths with such amazing business partners!

  2. Nergis and Caroline. You two were absolutely amazing.Love and marriage are fundamental parts of life shared the world round, and each culture and faith has its own special ways of celebrating and honoring the combining of two lives – many of them traditions that have been passed from generation to generation.

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