I know we say this all the time, but our couples can plan a damn fun DC wedding! Letícia and Brian ran through confetti, hopped on the swings, and made the most adorable goofy faces at their Pop! Wedding and it was an extremely good time :)
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Photos by Rachel Couch

How did you two meet?

We met in São Paulo when Brian was visiting Brazil for the World Cup.  It was his first day there, and we spent as much time as we could together during his trip.

When and how did you decide to get married?

We got engaged on Letícia’s birthday in July of this year at the Jefferson Memorial after dinner.
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Why did you want to have a Pop! Wedding?

We wanted to have a small ceremony with just immediate family.  We were originally thinking of going somewhere (the beach, mountains, etc.), but we decided we should have the wedding in DC, as we have built our life here together for the past year and a half.  We saw Pop! Wed randomly via Google (or something), and thought that the vibe and direction of what you all were doing really aligned with our vision.

How did you decide who you’d invite?

We initially thought it would be best to have immediate family only, to avoid ruffling any feathers with friends.  My family was able to come (parents and two brothers), however Letícia’s was not able due to being in a different hemisphere and all. So Letícia invited our great friend Paula to be there for her as her maid of honor.

Tell us about your outfits, they were beautiful!

Brian:  I got my suit at Men’s Wearhouse.  I wanted to wear a light color this being summer and all.  Ted (my brother/best man) and I had turquoise ties and pocket squares to match Paula’s dress (our “theme color”).
Letícia: I’ll admit to a lack of “decision-making” in the process of buying the dress because I myself didn’t previously envision one and I never expected to get married at this young age. So I asked my maid of honor to give me some guidance to choose a nice one that she thought it would converse with my personality. We went to David’s Bridal, where she also got her maid of honor dress. She didn’t want to push my decision too much but I felt encouraged to buy this particular one because she just seemed to have a more excited reaction and in my mind I thought I would cause the same reaction on Brian. I also felt really good in it. I was a good fit for my body and for some reason it was the dress that made me feel the most like a bride. It definitely added an emotional component to it. Link to the dress here.
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What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

Our favorite moment was giving and receiving the vows which we had prepared for each other.
Thanks for sharing, Letícia and Brian, and congratulations! <3

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