A stress-free wedding is clearly an awesome and elusive goal for many couples around DC (as well as pretty much anywhere, I’d guess). Some couples have it totally down, and are just all excitement and no stress — especially Pop! Wedding couples since it’s all relax and no stress anyway :D — Erin and Kristen were definitely this type of couple.

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It’s so fun to be part of a teensy wedding where we can have the ceremony anywhere we want, with no need to worry about fitting a huge group into a tiny space (which was a really good thing at this spot)! In Erin and Kristen’s case, they fell in love with the heart mural outside Union Market — not only is it gorgeous, but its purpose is beautiful, too. The set of murals was done by Mr. Brainwash as part of the insanely awesome Let Girls Learn initiative by none other than Michelle Obama! The area was tiny, but luckily so was their guestlist, so we were good to go.

We walked around the area and found a great spot for a tiny wedding ceremony in front of the heart wall, and damn was it just so, so gorgeous. Erin and Kristen were so giddy and in love! There were happy tears and so many grins and…well, let’s check out the photos :)

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But wait, let’s back up! Erin and Kristen’s “how we met” story is equal parts badass and amazing:

Their story, as Erin tells it…

Kristen (a Police Sergeant) brought me this case and said, “This is the worst case I’ve ever put together. I won’t talk badly about you when you have to settle it.” It was a tough case, but I was blown away by how much work she had put into solving it. Nobody else would have ever solved that case. She wasn’t just really, really good at her job. She had this unbelievable tenacity about her and this brain that never quit. I thought she was the best cop I’d ever met. Several years later, I still think that. 

From Kristen’s point of view…

So I had a case that was going to take a really tough prosecutor…because it was the weakest case I had scraped together in my years in Homicide. I was pointed to Erin McKenzie…the tiniest prosecutor ever. And despite being so small, her brain and heart filled the room. I was blown away by how much of a bulldog she was. She also had some killer legs. 

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Ok, just in case that wasn’t awesome enough for you — we asked how they got engaged:

There wasn’t really a “drop on one knee and pop the question” sort of moment. 

           Erin: “It was more like a lengthy (year-long) negotiation.” 

           Kristen: “That’s what everything is like with her.”

We can definitely relate to this…strongly. Steven says, “It’s like they’re talking about us!” ?

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What was a standout moment of your wedding day?

Probably just the fact that we were getting married period. Legally married. Being able to do that at all was enough to make everyone weep. We went to the steps of the Supreme Court afterwards. It just seemed like something we needed to do. 


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Erin and Kristen, you two were so much fun to hang out with and we are so glad we got to be part of your wedding day. Congratulations and hope your first months of marriage are off to an incredible start! <3

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  1. I could not be any happier for Kristen and Erin. I watched Kristen on the First 48 was wondering if she was on the show still and found this. So happy :) Gorgeous pictures of a unique and symbolic ceremony

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