Juan Victor and Clayton had a warm, cozy winter wedding at our warehouse venue in Northeast just after the holidays. Their family and friends were so excited, but no one could be as absolutely over the moon as these two were! They said their vows, celebrated, and then walked around the warehouse for some portraits with Barbara — an awesome way to end 2016. Congratulations Clayton and Juan Victor! :)

Photos by our amazing photographer Barbara Oliviera <3

winter wedding at pop wed co wedding venue

We asked Clayton and Juan Victor to share some of their story:
Where did you two meet?

We met online a few years ago when I was in Lima, Peru, where Juan Victor lives, with my best friend April celebrating her 40th birthday by climbing Machu Picchu.  Man that was tough trek but so glad we did it and I came out of it with my soul mate!

When did you decide to get married?
          We had been talking about it for the last few months but made the big decision in December 2016 while we were in San Francisco.  The election really helped us decide to do this year.
lgbt ally wedding vendor team
How did you plan your winter wedding? 
Clayton secretly planned the wedding before even proposing to Juan Victor.  He was totally shocked.  Clayton was looking for simple small weddings that didn’t take a lot of money or time. (A desire of us both!)  Pop! Wed came up in some searches and loved the vibe!
How did you decide who to invite to your wedding? 
Since we were having a wedding a few days after Christmas we wanted to keep it small and local.  So we picked our closest friends local, few nationally, and just hoped they could make it!
How did you celebrate after your Pop! Wedding? 
We went to lunch at our favorite Thai and Sushi place, Teakwood, on 14th street NW with all of our friends to celebrate! We plan to do a small wedding reception in the summer to celebrate with a few more of our friends!
Thanks for sharing this Clayton and Juan Victor! Now…so many photos! ?

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