Lexi and Terran’s Peter Pan meets art gallery wedding is just too awesome. From the beautiful ring box to a bouquet made of arrows, the DIY details at their wedding are amazing — almost as awesome as their giant grins! :D
Photos of Lexi & Terran’s wedding by our awesome photographer Porter Watkins <3
elopement wedding in dc with diy details

How did you two meet?

Terran and I met through work when I came to ask questions about an internship he was in, but we made terrible first impressions on each other. We didn’t become friends until later that year when we ended up randomly working together over in Guam. We realized we had a mutual love of adventure, dogs, family and music. Our friendship deepened and eventually we realized we had a mutual love of each other as well!
We were engaged in Paris during a trip this past winter. Terran took me to the top of the Eiffel tower at sunset and asked me to marry him on bended knee, with a beautiful ring box he made himself out of wood from all 6 continents with wood, an homage to our love of travel and adventure! I apparently blacked out but must have said yes because next thing I knew we had champagne and I was wearing a ring!
wedding photography at an art gallery in DC

How did you find Pop Wed?

We had found Pop! Wed a few months before as I was googling around about a possible trip to Washington, D.C. because it’s my favorite place in the world! Once we were engaged it was an easy choice to run away together and DC seemed perfect! We brought our parents along, but plan to celebrate with the rest of our family and friends later this year.

Tell us about your beautiful DIY Peter Pan details!

Much like the beautiful box he made me, I decided that even a small elopement deserved details of us. We have always exchanged songs to bridge the time and space gaps of our travel and work, often finding references to Peter Pan. Our song is “Lost Boy” by Ruth B, and so Peter Pan details seemed perfect! We were able to bring together our love of the outdoors, literature and adventure with details like the arrows (made by my roommate and I, as well as one of our friend’s daughters), and I painted the ring box with our names, but in the style of the original “Peter and Wendy.” The nods to Peter Pan and Wendy in our outfits were a team effort, up to the very last minute! Terran had a “kiss” (Thimble) and I had my “kiss” (acorn), plus in the books Wendy is in a white nightgown, but of course Disney’s iconic blue dress and bow had to be included!

What was your wedding planning process like?

Terran and I love to joke that we make terrible decisions. We ran all the way across the country to see two concerts in a weekend with less than a days notice, ran a marathon with less than a week’s notice and have persisted through a lot of difficult times. Our elopement and all the rush to get things together (like getting us and our parents to DC) was one of those crunch times when my crazy planning and Terran’s calming presence really shined. He likes to dream big and doesn’t let much get him down, which is why he’s my Peter Pan! 
Ultimately, there isn’t any possible way we could have made this more perfect, Pop! was so accommodating of our last minute request, DIY details and family! Porter was incredible to work with and Terran and I are absolutely thrilled!

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DIY wedding details at Terran and Lexi's DC wedding

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