I (Steven here!) have wanted to write a post about custom suits for a while since there aren’t a lot of articles out there about grooms’ fashion (although there’s no reason these custom suits couldn’t be worn by anyone, not just our groom friends out there). Pop! Wed Co. does not do sponsored posts, and this story does include Blank Label giving me a hundred dollars off (we’ll get to that in a minute). But, anyone who wants to offer me and all of our couples $100 off is pretty much on my good list, so…if we all get to share the discounts, I think it’s fair.

Note: We were not paid for this post other than our super sweet $100 discount, which any of you can also take advantage of when you mention Pop! Wed Co. at Blank Label.

custom suits for grooms and brides in DC
My snazzy Blank Label suit at Janella and Brian’s wedding

Shopping is kind of the worst.

As a wedding officiant, you can imagine I frequently wear suits and dress shirts. Until now I have gone with the $90 H&M suit, which to be fair looks pretty great. But these suits never fit quite right and they tend to fall apart quickly. Needless to say I have been wanting a nice suit for a while but I have never been able to pull the trigger because suit shopping is hell. For our wedding, I was looking for custom suits for grooms, and I ended up ordering a made-to-order suit from Proper Cloth, but it never fit quite right and since it was a mail-order suit company, I never got to follow up with them to get the suit tailored. I tried numerous stores buying off the rack and again all the suits looked fine, but the fit was still slightly off (I’m clearly not the right size for men’s fashion) and I could not justify spending $1000 or more on a suit that wasn’t great.

And then the best custom suits for grooms and pretty much anyone found us.

A few months ago Blank Label contacted us about how they could with us and our couples. They offered me a free shirt and a fitting, and who can say no to a $100 shirt for free? We get a lot of emails from companies who want to sell stuff to our couples, so I was skeptical (but happy to get a free shirt).

When I went in to get the free shirt I was blown away. Cheri, my “menswear specialist”, was awesome, I definitely felt like Joshua in that episode of Friends where Rachel is his personal shopper. Obscure Friends references aside if you want to feel fancy as fuck while getting fitted for a fancy as fuck suit this is your place. Fast forward a few weeks, I got my free custom fitted shirt, it was awesome. I now have 3 of them, and I recently ordered a suit from them as well. I got to pick the color and fabric of every part of the suit, a monogram on the pocket, and it fits like a glove. 

custom suits for grooms in washington dc
My custom suit and shirt at Alexis & Terran’s wedding

Surprise, sometimes suits are affordable.

Ok, let’s talk price. Suits are expensive. When I think “custom fitted suit” my mind automatically thinks in the thousands. But for all you people who have no need or want to spend a lot on a suit (like me), you will be shocked to learn that my suit was only $550. With their Pop Wed discount, that would be $450 for a suit or a dress shirt for free! That’s only slightly more expensive than the cheapest off-the-rack suit at Suit Supply.

Grab our discount and get $100 off a custom suit ?

For all the snazzy grooms and dapper brides out there who want to rock a great suit on their wedding day, or in general for that matter, Blank Label is the place to go. Use the link here and get $100 off! That’s a free shirt, or a discount on a suit purchase.

If you try Blank Label, let us know what you think! Maggie’s heading in for her fitting in a couple weeks so we’ll update with some details about their women’s suits pretty soon, too.

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