So you want to become a wedding officiant for your friend’s wedding. Awesome! Having a friend as your wedding officiant can be a great option if you two have a friend who’s extra special and who you want to share that moment with.

When Steven and I got married, we asked one of our friends to marry us — he introduced us over a decade ago, so we thought it was pretty fitting that he marry us.

So, whether you’re asking a friend to be your wedding officiant or you’re the friend yourself…here’s how to officiate a friend’s wedding if you’re not a professional marriage celebrant!

how to become a wedding officiant for your friend's wedding
Us at our wedding with our friend Greg…and a photo of all three of us as BABY TEENAGERS! ?

How to become a wedding officiant for a friend’s wedding:

In Washington DC, you’re allowed to register for one day/one ceremony — so you can become a wedding officiant for a single day just to marry one couple! You don’t have to get ordained by a religious organization or anything. You just have to fill out this “Temporary Officiant Application” with the DC Marriage Bureau, pay a $25 fee, and get the application notarized. When we did the officiant application for our friend, we went with him to the UPS store (many of them have notaries!) and it took about ten minutes. Then, we set off to the courthouse to file his application. Easy!

The Marriage Bureau site notes that your officiant does have to be 18, but other than that it seems like anyone could be your wedding officiant. So many choices!

And Pop! Weddings can totally have friend-officiants.

If you’re planning a Pop! Wedding, we always welcome friends and family members as officiants. Steven is happy to take their application in to the courthouse when he gets your paperwork, however make sure you mail us the original copy with the notary seal on it (you’ll have to get the notary seal while your officiant is present at the notary). If you want to have a friend as your wedding officiant, let us know and we’ll help make the process painless :)

how to officiate a friend's wedding in dc
Verdict: Having a friend as wedding officiant was FUN.

Now all you have to do is write an awesome wedding ceremony :) Good luck and have funnnn!

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