Questions about elopements and popup weddings? Hopefully you’ll find the answers here! If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to chat weddings!

Will our photos be posted online?

We share photos from every wedding that we are a part of, and our weddings are frequently featured in publications like Capitol Romance, Washingtonian, and others. We always share wedding photos because we love them so much!

How many guests can we have attend our elopement wedding?

For on-location popup weddings: You are welcome to have up to 10 guests at your ceremony—please let us know if you plan to have guests. However, the portrait session will only include the two of you!

Please do keep in mind that many of the locations we have chosen may not know what to think about weddings happening on their property. If it’s just four people, it’s usually not a problem (a lot of what places object to is the guests, aisle runners, noise, etc.). However, if more guests are in attendance, we are more likely to get asked to leave.

Have a few more guests? For groups of up to 30, we can chat about a larger wedding package at one of our favorite low-cost wedding venues here in DC. Contact us to chat further!

How much does a Pop! Wedding cost?

Weekday Pop! Weddings cost $3,200 (popups for under 15 guests) or $4,500 (weddings at our venue partners’ locations with up to 35 guests). Detailed pricing information can be found over here.

Our wedding package is now the same cost no matter which day of the week you choose!

What kind of wedding officiant is Steven?

Steven is recognized by the Humanist Society as a wedding officiant/civil celebrant. He’s a non-religious wedding officiant who can legally perform weddings in Washington, DC and Virginia.

Can we submit our wedding photos to publications?

Absolutely! Let us know where you’re submitting and how we can help!

Can we get married in Virginia?

Steven is a registered wedding officiant in Virginia, so we are able to marry couples in Virginia — we just can’t get your marriage license due to the local laws.

Virginia’s laws require that both parties (you and your partner) go in person to the courthouse to apply for your license. In DC, though, there’s no in-person courthouse trip required for you, Steven can get all your paperwork!

Can we get married on another date that is not listed on your site?

Yes! With the weekday wedding option you can pretty much choose your own date (as long as our team is available), and you’re also welcome to suggest a weekend date if you have one in mind — weekends are less flexible but we’ll always try our best!

Do we need a permit/will we get kicked out?

It depends on the location. The easy answer is, if you’re nervous about getting asked to leave, working with us to book one of our recommended venues will ensure you aren’t bothered by security.

At some of the locations, getting kicked out is a possibility. We’ve found security to be tight around the Mall and Smithsonian buildings, so we avoid those areas.

With such a small group, we have the advantage of being able to perform ceremonies at all sorts of awesome locations! We will not have weddings at places that specifically prohibit them, however at some locations we just can’t be sure. We love offering crazy fun spots to be married in, and we have backup locations at the ready—all are awesome. If you have questions about a specific location, drop us a line and we’ll chat!