Amanda and Andrew’s intimate wedding was gorgeous (as a pink haired person myself up until very recently, I obviously think she has the GREATEST hair!). They wanted to celebrate with a pretty large crowd for a popup wedding, so we went with an indoor location — Bluejacket, which was just the prettiest place for a wedding, and would be amazing in any weather (crucial for DC weddings. our weather’s the most unpredictable!).

intimate wedding in dc by pop wed co

How did you two meet?

We met on match. We both worked in tech so we figured we would have at least SOMETHING to talk about. I asked him if he wanted to go to a comedy show with me, so we went to see Ian Bagg at DC Improv. It turns out that we had pretty much the same sense of humor, so we got along great. Plus we found out that we were both pretty big nerds so we had a ton to talk about. I guess we liked each others company enough that we “moved in together” (read: I set up shop permanently at his place lol) about 3 months in.
tattooed bride with pink hair

Tell us about yourselves and how you decided to get married!

In the year and a handful of months we’ve been together, we have traveled a bunch, had lots of laughs and seriously become the kind of friends you see on sitcoms and get a little twinge of jealousy (#squadgoals). We have changed jobs, changed career goals and (almost) potty trained a puppy. Unfortunately I don’t have a romantic proposal story because he never did anything like that. He and I were just lying in bed and he rolled over and asked if I wanted to go ring shopping the next day lol. It was a very “us” way to do it though so I’m not sweating it :)

What was your wedding planning process like? 

When we got engaged, my parents (very generously) offered us the same amount they gave my sister for her wedding, but instead of choosing to spend all of it on the wedding, we decided to scale down the wedding and spend a majority of it on a down payment for a house (we ended up with a great little townhouse in Old Town)! Pop Wed Co did such an awesome job that we were laughing all the way to the bank :)
All photos by the amazing Porter Watkins!

4 thoughts on “An Intimate Wedding at a DC Brewery — Amanda & Andrew”

  1. Absolutely stunning! The colors (Amanda’s hair) along with the rustic yet modern setting were rad. I’m so happy for Amanda & so excited that Pop! gave her such a day to remember 💗

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