Note: I (Maggie) photographed Jacqueline & Victoria’s elopement wedding before PopWed. I’m blogging some recent elopement weddings I have photographed to show the style of photography that PopWed offers.

March 6, 2011 Although I worked yesterday, shooting a wedding, I didn’t felt like I was doing any work at all. Jacqueline and Victoria’s wedding reminded me exactly why I’m a photographer–because I’m never at work.

Lesbian Wedding Photography in Washington DC

I hadn’t met either of the girls before the wedding day, since they came from out of town, but I was really excited to photograph in the Swann House (a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Dupont Circle). Once I got there, though, I realized it wouldn’t matter if these two got married in a closet–the ceremony was going to be beautiful!  Between the dictionary-flowers, dictionary-hair pins, and custom made flower vase/mugs, the decorations were amazing. I was also struck by how little anyone at the ceremony cared about ‘traditional’ marriage rules (couple can’t see each other before the wedding, being formal, etc.); it really emphasized that the day was about their love, friendship, and nothing else!

It was the first wedding where the couple got ready together, which made it an easy job for me! The girls  did each other’s makeup, hair, and got increasingly more excited as the day progressed! Not to mention Jackie and Victoria are really cool–within ten minutes of being there I felt like I had known them for years. The whole day was so much fun, and by the time the ceremony started I felt like we were all one big family.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

For more, check out Offbeat Bride’s feature of Jacqueline and Victoria’s wedding!

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