Sarah and Taylor’s elopement in DC at the War Memorial was beautiful and special — and a surprise to their family and friends! We asked them a few questions about their wedding planning process, and about them in general :)

All photos by Rachel Couch <3

dc elopement with pop wed co

How did you two meet? When did you decide to get married?
Taylor and I met while running for the same cross country team back in 2009. We are high school sweethearts. We got married on April 15th, 2017 and we decided to get married about four weeks prior to that date. After being together for seven years we have gone to different colleges in different cities and are now living across the country from each other.  I always knew I was going to marry Taylor. I think being apart for the past year made us realize we no longer wanted to live our lives individually we wanted to invest in something greater and for us, that was marriage.
elope in washington DC
Tell us about why you decided to have a Pop! Wedding :)
Taylor and I knew from the beginning we wanted to elope. It fit our relationship perfectly, a private ceremony where we could really connect over the love we’ve shared throughout the years. It was just figuring out where and when! Taylor lives in Stafford, Virginia and I live in Seattle, Washington. We made plans to elope in Washington D.C. but really had no idea how to go about it. Then while researching places to elope I found Pop Wed Co! It could not have been a more perfect solution to our predicament.
(Aww, thanks Sarah!💖)
military elopement wedding in DC
What was your favorite part of your elopement?
My favorite part was when Taylor and I shared our vows. We decided to write our own and didn’t share any details with each other regarding what we wrote. It was genuine and real. Taylor was so sweet and kind with his words. I believe for both of us it was a special moment that really brought together our love for each other.
elopement planner and photographer in DC
How did you announce your elopement to friends and family?
We waited until we received our photos from our Pop Wedding and then we made surprise announcement cards that we sent in the mail! It was hard not to share our exciting news with everyone but it was worth the wait. We had very positive feedback from everyone and felt very loved.
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Tell us about what you wore for your wedding!
Taylor (an officer in the Marines) wore his dress blues. I wore a wedding dress that I found at a local boutique in Seattle, WA. I only had 4 weeks to prepare so I had to buy a wedding dress from the rack. Originally I wasn’t too fond of the dress but decided to try it because my options were limited. When I slipped it on, it fit like a glove, it was so perfect and gorgeous! I completely underestimated the dress.

Thanks to Sarah & Taylor for sharing the story behind their elopement in DC, along with these gorgeous photos! Congratulations you two! ❤️

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