I was chatting with writer Anna Goldfarb a few weeks ago for the piece she wrote on micro weddings and we realized: there’s no “standard” terminology across the wedding industry for the types of weddings we offer here at Pop Wed Co. Are they tiny weddings? Micro weddings? (Microweddings? Is it one word?) Flash weddings? Pop up weddings?
Microweddings article in the New York Times
Microwedding in DC with Pop Wed Co
Language is such a powerful force in shaping our understanding of the world around us. And our weddings can be a bit confusing for some family members regardless, since microweddings as a service are a fairly new way to get married. Having one term would likely help people recognize, research, and remember our weddings (“Oh, a microwedding! I’ve been to one of those before!”). So I wonder, who gets to decide what we call these tiny, amazing wedding celebrations?
As a kid, I would imagine a fancy council of older people dressed in robes who got to decide what “official” words and grammar rules should be followed. But as that childhood memory fades, and the last year’s words of the year from Oxford are “post-truth” and “adulting”, it seems clear to me that we hold so much power to change and evolve language. We — the people who are passionate about these itty bitty weddings — can have such a profound effect on the way they’re talked about, just by continuing to refer to them in the way we’d like.
Old piece of art with men in a Victorian council
The type of place I’d always imagined where a language consensus is reached.
But that begs the question: what do we want to call these weddings? They’re not necessarily popup weddings or flash weddings; some of our couples rent small wedding venues or get married at home. Intimate weddings can be larger than the ~15 person average size for microweddings. “Fun size weddings” is a personal favorite, but I’m clearly biased by my love for candy (and the title of my book).
Micro weddings and tiny weddings are such fun terms for the itty bitty weddings we love. But I think if we’re going to decide on an “official” term for this type of wedding, we have to ALL decide. From our couples to our industry colleagues to the general public — what do we want to call them?
I wanted to thank Anna for sparking my interest in microwedding terminology, and for bringing the label “microwedding” to the front of my mind. It’s preeeetty cute, folks. Pretty. Cute.
So, what do you think? Email me! Tweet me! Find me somewhere on the vast world of the internet. And let’s chat tiny/awesome/micro weddings.

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