Gillian and Bobby’s wedding was seriously amazing. With so many personal touches and so much love — and a Dog of Honor — I just cannot stop grinning every time I look at the photos! The two shared their story with us, and they’re way better at telling it than I am 😁, so without further ado…

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Tell us a little about yourselves. How did you meet?

Gillian is a video editor at The Washington Post, and Bobby is a web developer. We love seasonal cooking, Leonard Cohen and our senior dog, Stitch. 

How we met, the short version: OKCupid — the 100th time’s the charm! The long version, which involves a 16-year promise Gillian made to herself, and two trips to Istanbul, was published in WaPo here

How did you decide to get married?

We both knew we were on that path pretty early on. But after our one-year anniversary in Ireland, we started actually planning. We picked the fall equinox for the good juju/equal-balance aspect. Bobby got down on one knee with the ring a few months later, on the corner where we first kissed in Capitol Hill. Even though it was not at all a surprise, we both sobbed like babies. 

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What was your wedding planning process like?

Three of our four parents live far away and can’t travel, so a big wedding with everyone there wasn’t possible. That really freed us up to do whatever we wanted, so long as there was a video and photos for our families to see!

We thought about doing a flash wedding at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, but decided we didn’t want to mess with the Turkish police. We also thought about Iceland, but hiring a video crew was super-expensive, and we didn’t want to start our marriage by going into debt! Gillian works with a bunch of talented videographers, so we knew we’d be able to hire them if we kept it local, and she could edit it herself.

We live two blocks from the Supreme Court and thought it would be a great backdrop. And after a couple nonchalant chats with Supreme Court police officers (“Soooo…does anyone ever get married here? What if there’s a choir?”), it seemed doable.

Gillian sings in the choir at All Souls Church Unitarian, so we enlisted four of them to provide music. Jen Hayman and Dante Pope wrote a beautiful arrangement of The Cure’s “Love Song.”

How did you find Pop! Wed Co?

Gillian already knew about Pop! Wed Co. from a colleague’s story about it in WaPo. Once we’d decided to keep our flash wedding local, Pop Wed Co. was the first stop. We didn’t talk to anyone else! (Awww!! 🤗)

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Besides getting to marry one another? (Eeeee!!!) As it turns out, we’d scheduled our wedding for the same time some protesters had scheduled a demonstration. Fortunately, they had duct tape on their mouths, so they didn’t disturb our ceremony, and it kind of added to married-in-public vibe. And as we were cutting the cake, one of the protesters ripped the tape from her mouth and yelled, “Congratulations!” which we just thought was so sweet.

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How did you find and choose your outfits?

Bobby comes from a Sikh family, so we wanted to honor that with our head coverings. Pale pink is the traditional turban color for a wedding, but turquoise is Bobby’s favorite. Red is the traditional veil color for women, but after Bobby’s mom gave Gillian a beautiful turquoise chunni, she decided to wear that to match. So then we got Stitch’s “dog of honor” bandana done in turquoise, too.

Bobby got his suit from Macy’s the week before the wedding, and Gillian changed her mind last-minute and got a dress from Modcloth delivered the day before. She also wore a quartz necklace, which was the first gift Bobby gave her when they were dating. We randomly picked up the flowers that morning from Surroundings Florist.

Also — your PUP! How did the “Dog of Honor” title come about, and how did it go?!

We adopted Stitch from the Humane Rescue Alliance earlier this year, and we just love her so dang much. We brought her along when we were first scouting wedding locations, and we knew then we wanted to include her. As for her “dog of honor” bandana, well, Etsy provides!

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Barbara O’s photos were all SO. AMAZING. But one of our favorites is her shot of Gillian feeding a piece of wedding cake to our sweet pupper. 13/10 would recommend!

I 500% agree. Barbara’s photos are gorgeous, Gillian and Bobby’s outfits are amazing, and they just look SO DAMN HAPPY it’s my absolute favorite part. Those GRINS! 😁

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Gillian and Bobby. And, congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

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