Writing this post started out by knowing that I wouldn’t be able to come up with as good of a headline as our couple…this post features the wedding of two journalists here in DC, while I’m known for my lack of wittiness 😂 Victoria and Rich’s Pop! Wedding was planned in just two months and it was beautiful! From Victoria’s gorgeous outfit and Rich’s handsome gray suit (perfect for a summer wedding) to the pretty park location — and the carousel images! Love the carousel images! — Victoria and Rich’s wedding was definitely a blast! 💕

best wedding photographers in dc porter watkins

Photos by the amazing Porter Watkins 💖

I asked Victoria and Rich a few questions about their wedding planning process and the big day…

How did you two meet?

A mutual friend introduced us a decade ago! He said “You’re both journalists in the same city – you two have to meet!” 

When did you decide to get married?

Our dating anniversary falls on New Year’s Eve, and we both looked at each other and said: “This time next year, we’ll be husband and wife!” It was simple, and real. Afterwards we ate pancakes!

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How and why did you decide to have a Pop! Wedding?

We’re re-locating from the D.C. area and Rich always wanted a small ceremony, and I wanted a big party – but more than anything, we both wished we could celebrate our union with our loved ones before we left town. After deciding on reception next year and a small justice of the peace ceremony before we moved, I went to work and noticed a friend posted a story she wrote about Pop! Weddings in a private chat room to coworkers. I was, like: “This is perfect!” I sent the link to Rich, and he was like “Let’s book it” …so we did the next day!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Our favorite part was being with everyone we love. The energy was so pure and magical, and real – we had to move venues, and we walked hand in hand to a garden with everyone behind us rooting us on. It was exactly where we were supposed to be, and we keep saying, “Let’s do that again next week!”

outdoor summer weddings in downtown dc

How did you celebrate after your Pop! Wedding?

We celebrated with a cake designed in the shape of a newspaper, cupcakes made by a coworker, and lots of hugs! And we’re saving the best part of a wedding – the party – for next year!

What advice would you share with other couples planning tiny weddings?

Go with the flow, don’t let anyone make you waver from your path of having a small and beautiful day filled with lots of love. Follow your vision and it will lead you to where you two are supposed to be.

Thanks for sharing your story, Victoria and Rich! Hope you’re still celebrating! 🎉

Popup Wedding of Two Journalists in DC


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Best Wedding Photographers in DC Porter Watkins


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The DC wedding of two journalists by Pop Wed Co

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  1. Congratulations on the happy day. I wish for you all the best and continued happiness. May the LOVE last forever.

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